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Water Heater Isolation Device
Prevent expensive water heater
damage and mold eradication due
to a leaky water heater.

Safe Plug Relief For Water Heater Safety
Prevent catastrophic explosions on water heaters
and boilers with the SPR.

Dulac Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do relief valves explode?
NO. The pressure vessel explodes. Every article ever written describes the pressure vessel explosion.

So doesn’t the SPR protect my relief valve?
NO. The SPR protects the pressure vessel.

Isn’t my system safe, since most codes stipulate that a drainage line shall terminate
in a plain end?

The code was based on the assumption that a plain end could only be modified by a qualified contractor who could solder a copper plug on the end. It was assumed a qualified contractor would NOT do such a thing, and therefore, the system was protected from such tampering.

However, the reality of today is that a plain end does NOT prevent tampering by the common man. With the invention of push-on fittings (Sharkbite, etc), available at any hardware store, it is now EXTREMELY
easy for the common man to plug the system and create an unsafe environment for occupants and property.

With a NPT thread at the top, and plain end on the bottom, what is the current value

Zero. The drain line presents no protection against tampering, plugging, and incorrect piping. The 1993 ASME standard, and most codes, are now woefully inadequate. Whether it’s plain end or NPT threads, both invite tampering by the common man.

If the SPR breaks-away, couldn’t there be a chance of damage?
Yes, but the alternative is the tank exploding. Much like an air bag deploying, there is potential for damage, but you live to tell about it.

Q The International Plumbing Code 504.4.1 states: “There shall not be a check
valve or shutoff valve between a relief valve and the heater or tank served”.
Is the SPR a valve?

The SPR is NOT a valve, nor does it violate any code language. The SPR is a full bore (>3/4”) device that simply connects the relief valve and the drain line. The SPR is very similar to a Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker. The HBVB is a unique device that protects a water system from hose threads tampering, just like an SPR protects a pressure
vessel system from tampering with the NPT threads.

Q What is the SPR warranty?
The SPR has a lifetime warranty. It will outlast the T&P valve and the water heater. However, when the T&P valve is changed, or the water heater is replaced, a new SPR will be needed.

Important Message for Plumbing Professionals
Important Message for Plumbing Professionals
Dulac Plumbing
Features & Benefits SPR
  • CSA Certified
  • Tamper Proof
  • Fast & Easy to Install
  • Constant Protection
Features & Benefits WHID
  • No Power Required
  • Activates with only 1/2 cup of water loss
  • Does not require pans, dams or sensors
  • Union ends for fast
    and easy installation
  • Retains residual water from leaking out

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SPR & WHID are protected with one or more of the following patents:
6698714, 2437533, 6021808, 2328173, 6823887, 2371001
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