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Dulac Logo Water Heater Isolation Device

Water Heater Isolation Device
Prevent expensive water heater
damage and mold eradication due
to a leaky water heater.

Safe Plug Relief For Water Heater Safety
Prevent catastrophic explosions on water heaters
and boilers with the SPR.

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Leaky Heater

Enter our T&P Valve Contest and Win $100.00
$100 reward for the best photo example of a tampered T&P. Ten winners to be announced for the best documented photo of improperly installed, never inspected, plugged or tampered Safety Relief Valves. So grab your camera or phone and take a photo of a T&P valve improperly installed or tampered with. Anyone can enter and you can enter as often as you like.
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Safe Plug Relief (SPR)

The Dulac Safe Plug Relief (SPR) fitting is a safety device for water heaters and boilers. In the event a plug, a valve, or some other blockage is used to defeat the purpose of the discharge from the T&P Relief Valve, the SPR will separate. This will allow the T&P Relief Valve to work as expected (BLOW OFF), preventing a Water Heater or Boiler explosion.
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Water Heater Isolation Device (WHID)
The WHID is the Only AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF VALVE FOR A WATER HEATER/ WATER HEATER LEAK DETECTOR that is hydraulically activated eliminating the need of any electrical energy or sensing devices. The WHID's ability to isolate a leaking water heater with the least amount of water seepage is instrumental in preventing mold eradication damages.


Reliable, Affordable Leak Protection
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Important Message for Plumbing Professionals
Important Message for Plumbing Professionals
Dulac Plumbing
Features & Benefits SPR
  • CSA Certified
  • Tamper Proof
  • Fast & Easy to Install
  • Constant Protection
Features & Benefits WHID
  • No Power Required
  • Activates with only 1/2 cup of water loss
  • Does not require pans, dams or sensors
  • Union ends for fast
    and easy installation
  • Retains residual water from leaking out

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SPR & WHID are protected with one or more of the following patents:
6698714, 2437533, 6021808, 2328173, 6823887, 2371001
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